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Sore Spots Massage Therapy is dedicated to both the art and science of a great massage therapy treatment. We believe in the therapeutic benefit of massage therapy as a means to prevent injury, heal, & relax. Our therapists are also available for mobile, ‘massage at work’ and corporate events. We are registered & members of the Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia (www.mtans.ca).

Nicola Patterson, RMT

Nicola Patterson, RMT


Nicola Patterson is a registered massage therapist who upon graduating, was given the award for ‘Clinical Excellence and Professionalism’ for her attitude, demeanor and practical skill blending in the clinical setting. Nicola also has a background in social work and throughout her life, she has worked towards enabling people in their search for balance & good health.

Nicola provides a broad range of techniques such as swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial, stretching techniques as well as trigger point therapy. She will use all or some of these techniques to customize your massage therapy experience. On-line booking is available for Nicola’s complete schedule.




Jamie Lynn Chediac, RMT

Jamie Lynn Chediac, RMT/Owner


Jamie Lynn Chediac is an award-winning registered massage therapist (Winner of ‘the best of’ in The Coast serveral years 2007-2012) & the owner of Sore Spots Massage Therapy.  In addition to her clinical practice, she also conducts massage therapy trainings’ for deep tissue therapists.  She is a certified Yoga Teacher as well as a barefoot massage practitioner.

Jamie believes that every massage should feel therapeutic but also trigger a relaxation response within the body.  Her goal is to relieve pain & discomfort while helping navigate postural strain and issues with joint mobility.

On-line booking is available at the Delta Halifax on Fridays and Saturdays of every week.





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