The Reset Button

I know….these are not real ‘reset’ buttons!

We all have one….a reset button.  As much as I advocate for healthy living and a balanced lifestyle every now and then I find myself filling up with ‘too much to do’.   I am a massage therapist after all, and I am supposed to be your `relaxation expert`but like everyone else I fall into the same cycles of work, work, work & not nearly enough play.

The list goes on….cooking, cleaning, working out, running a business, running a house and of course making room for family and friends.  Inevitably, realizing that my life is full, brimming almost to the edge of a total overflow I search for that reset button.  We all have one.

My reset buttonɁ  You would think its outdoors….connecting with nature….hugging trees and doing sweat lodges but as I get older….the less fuss, the less prep to reset, the better.  Sometimes, all I have to do is plant my feet on the lawn and meditate for a moment.  It’s as simple as taking my morning coffee outside on the back deck.

Working with clients through massage therapy has showed me the importance of finding work & life balance.  Making room for the whole package (mind, spirit & sore spots too) is crucial in being able to sustain a balanced life with room for everyone & every project.

Should I find myself brimming to the edge any time soon…..well, I will look for that button and reset accordingly.


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