Thanks & Giving

A message from the Owner:

  Thanksgiving is literally my FAVORITE time of year.  It has the spirit of Christmas, minus the sometimes intense gift buying and consumerism.  It’s also a reminder that change is inevitable.  Fall is the season of change and the signs of hibernation are becoming clear.  It’s all a gentle reminder that winter is right around the corner (dare I say it!).   However, this time of year is for adapting!  Start pulling out warmer clothing, and of course, thinking about our blessings as we near Thanksgiving.  It is our sincere wish that you enjoy your Thanksgiving and take time to count blessings, but also make those blessings count.
  I am reminded that change is inevitable and that it’s my own response and perception to change and transition that makes life so interesting.  Sore Spots has had a big year, with lots of change and there’s more to come.  We would like to take this time to thank our loyal clients for their patience and support during a full year of transition.  We are glowing with pride and gratitude that you include us in your path to wellness and look forward to supporting all of you in another year of health and happiness.

A sincere thanks from all of us!

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