Re-Thinking the Rose.

Winter Blues Rose.

Winter Blues? Skin Dryness? Flower of Love? Re-thinking the rose.

February: a month of winter, staying warm, and roses.  Roses have long been used in ‘alternative’ medicine.  Medicinally, it is an interesting nervine.  Helpful at relaxing the nervous system via it’s aromatic properties.  Using rose oil can help alleviate depression and anxiety and is a great way to help combat the winter blues or give a gentle mood boost.

Rose Petal Gel Mask (made from real pulp).

There is a saying that roses are good for the “soul & the skin”.  In Ayurvedic medicine, roses are considered cooling and a tonic for the mind.  Roses carry more than a sentiment of love or appreciation.  They are aromatic,  containing high levels of  vitamins C, B, E & K.  Whether it be rose oil, rosewater or a fresh rose petal masks or moisturizer’s, since ancient times rose has been used for it’s skin conditioning, astringent & cleansing properties.

Rose has many applications, but most people know the rose as the flower of love.

Winter is a good time to find flowers for youself or someone you love.  It is truely a classic symbol of affection.  If your keeping to this trusty tradition of flower giving (especially in February), than keep in mind that roses represent so much more than a gesture of affection, but a herbal bouquet of health, love & well-being.




Reference: The Complete Medicinal Herbal: Penelope Ody, 1993.

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