Feel better at Work!

Yesterday, I headed to an office in the Maritime Centre to provide some ‘massage at work’ services.  I love doing these events!  I was there for about 4 hours providing 15-30 minute chair massages for what they said was a stressful time of year.

So many of our clients experience work related stress or occupational strain.  So it’s such a treat for me to go out and help people stay balanced at a place where they spend so much time.  Whether your job entails sitting at a desk or standing on your feet, it’s important to find balance and of course, massage at work is only one suggestion.

Here are a few other tips to keep you in shape while your working:

1) Keep your water handy!  Always have a glass of water on the go….dehydration is the number 1 cause of afternoon fatigue so keep yourself hydrated.

2) Bring plenty of healthy snacks.  Healthy food fuels healthy minds & bodies.

3) Sitting? Pay special attention to your posture.  Keep your feet on the floor, engage your core slightly and relax your shoulders away from your ears as you plug away at your desk.

4) Stretch & smile.

Fun things a workplace or employer can do:

1) Aromatherapy at work? Yup!  Some hospitals in the states have implemented light citrus scents to keep the energy up and moods lifted among their hospital staff and patients.

2) Have a chocolate milk day?  Yup, chocolate milk for everyone – who wouldn’t love that.  You could also have a simple weekly pow wow (check-in) around the coffee pot.

3) Offer lunch and learns:  everyone wants to know more, learn more and there are lots of people willing to bring their knowledge to your staff.  From yoga, aromatherapy and massage to team building or time and money management skills.

4) Stretch & Smile (yes, this is important for both employees and employers 😉

At the last workplace I visited, they even had a ping pong room!  Talk about fueling your team’s creative juices, not to mention staying active, healthier & playful.

Feel better at work!  Hire a massage therapist to come on-site &/or choose to be proactive in your own workplace by finding creative ways to engage your space and people around you positively.

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