Jet Lagged?

Jet lagged? Fatigue after travel is not uncommon.  Whether your spending a few hours on a plane, or in a car, there is sure to be slight readjustment period when it comes to putting your feet back on solid ground.

What is jet lag? While jet lag is the blanket term & there is most often a myriad of symptoms associated with it.  It is combination of travel-related physical and emotional stress, sleep deprivation + the biological effect of your circadian rhythm being altered.  They say, for each time zone crossed it takes one full day to adjust.

Here are a few tips to help you lessen the jet lag side-effect:

1. Don’t drink too much coffee!  Excess caffiene can overload your nervous system and contribute to insomnia.

2. Sleeping enroute, avoid this unless it coincides with nighttime at your destination.

3. Alcohol: remember alcohol is a depressant and be mindful of drinking large amounts while enroute to your destination.

4. Look for opportunities to ‘reset’!  Recharge with a workout, massage & focus on good nutrition and sleep patterns.

Many safe travels & many safe returns!


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