The regular massage diet….

So many of our clients ask us….‘how often should I be coming in for a massage’? Well that all depends on what kind of health goals you have.  Here is what we typically suggest depending on what kind of results you would like to achieve:

Goal – You would like to prevent injury & relieve stress:

Most times we carry a tension pattern that does not serve us in our daily lives.  Sometimes its a sore neck, an achy back or stiff legs.  Whatever the case may be, this tension builds up on an unconscious level often affecting us in ways we don’t realize.  Regular massage can help subdue your body’s tension pattern and make your daily activities easier.  It helps to increase and strengthen your circulation and immune system therefore helping to boost your body’s internal healing response.  We typically suggest a monthly to seasonal appointment depending on the length of treatment you choose.

Goal – You would like to recover from injury & relieve stress:

As a general rule of thumb, should your injury or pain be predominately soft tissue or musculo-skeletal in nature, than there is alot we can do to relieve that tension pattern.  Most times, the majority of symptoms & cause can be dealt with in 4-6 weekly (1 hour) sessions.  Your therapist may also suggest homecare strategies & other modalities to help assist with your treatment progress.  A full commitment to the treatment schedule and homecare platform is a must in order to get the most of your sessions.

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