Why Corporate Wellness?

Statistics show that people spend upwards of 60% of their day at work. When work can be such a big part of our lives, doesn’t it make sense to ensure that people at work are not only productive, but happy?  The benefits of feeling good at work are not just isolated to one person’s experience.  More and more companies are understanding that creating a culture of healthy-minded people at work is rewarding not only to general morale, but it helps fuel a more prosperous work environment.

Need more convincing? Stress costs you money on a business & personal level….so monitoring & managing all areas of our stress including work related tension benefits both employee & employer.  Statistics from Chrysalis Performance Inc. shows that stress in any business may contribute up to:

  • • 19% of absenteeism cost
  • • 40% of turnover cost
  • • 30% of short & long term disability costs
  • • 60% workplace accidents
  • • 100% of stress related lawsuits
    (Burton, 2006).


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