Barefoot Massage

Barefoot massage therapy also known as Ashiatsu (ashi-at-su) is a broad yet specific form of gently compressive deep tissue therapy provided by the therapists’ feet.  An amazing depth is achieved that is helpful at alleviating postural, sports as well as injury specific tension.  It is a registered massage therapy modality and as such is covered under your extended health insurance policy.

Benefits Include:

  • Restorative & therapeutic – a deep and relaxing form of deep tissue therapy
  • Relaxes & treats trigger points – the ‘knots’ in the muscles of the body
  • Improves circulation of blood & lymph


Ashiatsu may not be indicated for every client that walks in.  Please thoroughly read the list below prior to booking a session.

  • Breast implants within nine months
  • Major joint surgeries within 6 weeks
  • Eye procedures/Lasik surgery within 72 hours
  • History of Tuberculosis, thrombosis or ongoing kidney disorders
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart condition
  • Rib or any bone fracture/break within 6 months
  • Phlebitis or cellulitis
  • Spondylolithesis
  • Osteoporosis

As with any massage treatment, certain conditions exist in which your therapist may choose not to provide or will need to modify any type of deep tissue massage.  Check out our studio video library to see our style of barefoot massage in action.

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