Studio Etiquette

Clothing Tip #1: please do not wear a bathing suit into your appointment.  You may disrobe to your comfort level for treatments.

Clothing Tip #2: if your a runner/athlete coming into see Jamie Lynn Chediac, RMT/Owner, please note she prefers that you have your running shorts/athletic wear (including footwear – 1st appointment only) available for treatment and assessment.

Timing:  please do come 5 minutes early for your treatment.  If our door is locked, please wait patiently, we are either finishing with a client or have stepped away for a moment and look forward to greeting you at the time of your appointment.  Please note, we are open by appointment only.

If you do arrive late, please note we may need to complete the service requested in the time remaining and your billing will reflect the initial booking request.

Communication: your therapist will create a dialogue with you as it pertains to your treatment.  She/he may ask you for feedback to ensure the treatment style is to your preference.   We follow your lead when it comes general conversation and will be happy to answer your questions as it relates to your treatment.

Massage treatments covered by insurance? We are registered massage therapists & our treatments are covered by your health insurance policy.  Please verify if your plan has massage therapy as a benefit and if you require a physicians’ referral, please bring it to your appointment.

Pregnancy: please inform us if you are pregnant.  While all treatments can be performed in any trimester, we may need to take extra care in our treatment room set up and always appreciate knowing how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Location & Parking: we are located on the first floor of the DELTA HALIFAX hotel.  Parking is available in the Scotia Square mall parkade as well as meter parking on Cogswell & Albemarle Street.  Please refer to the location & contact tab under the ‘about us’ section of our website for more details.

Couples Massage & Treatments: at this time we can not provide treatments at the same time or in the same room.  Alternatively, we can provide treatments back to back (i.e. one at 3pm, 4pm etc).

General etiquette: please shut off your cell phone or let your therapist know that you’d like to keep it on during treatment & we also ask that you remove all jewelry.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac & Cash. We provide Gift Certificates for all our services.


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