Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Hot Stone Therapy Ashiatsu Therapy
30 Minutes – $62 60 Minutes – $120 30 Minutes – $62
60 Minutes – $92 75 Minutes – $130 60 Minutes – $92
75 Minutes – $112 90 Minutes – $150 90 Minutes – $122
90 Minutes – $122
2 Hours – $195
HST not included

Service descriptions:

Relieve your mind, spirit & sore spots too!  Deep tissue, treatments focused, full body, relaxation & aromatherapy.  We will cater each treatment to your health goals and treatment preferences.

Ashiatsu Therapy
Ashiatsu Therapy
A form of barefoot massage and our signature relaxation & deep tissue treatment.  The feet are used to release pressure points and provide deep, broad & compressive gliding massage strokes.  A wonderful treatment for those who prefer deep tissue therapy.  Click here to see our video demonstration of this technique. 

Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy
The direct heat of smooth lava stone sinks into deep layers of muscle and connective tissue providing intense warmth & relaxation.  Stones are used to amplify the therapeutic experience. We suggest 90 minutes when possible for this treatment.

Deep Tissue Therapy
Deep Tissue Therapy
Deep layers of tissue are mobilized, stretched & compressed. Trigger point therapy may also be used to release adhesions and knots within the muscle tissue.  We suggest 30 min – 90 minutes for this treatment.

Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release
Curative for connective tissue tightness within the lower back, legs & postural imbalances, this type of massage is often performed without massage gel and may include passive stretching for the patient.  We suggest 60-90 minutes for this treatment.

Relaxation Treatment
Relaxation Treatments
We highly suggest requesting hot stone or ashiatsu for a deep and restorative treatment.  We believe any treatment we provide should ultimately trigger a deep relaxation benefit for the mind, spirit & sore spots too!

We are also happy to provide massage therapy in all stages of pregnancy & for athletic patients who require a sports specific treatment.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac & Cash. Direct Billing with Great West Life & Blue Cross also available. We provide Gift Certificates for all our services.  

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