Therapeutic Exercise

With every massage at our studio, you can rely on our massage therapists to offer you prescriptive home care advice with simple stretching &/or strengthening advice.  We may suggest ergonomic adjustments related to your work or home environment.  Alternatively, we may offer specific exercises to help reduce postural strain or joint mobility issues. You and your therapist may decide to dedicate more time home care advice.

In this instance, we offer a ‘personal training’ style of one on one care.  Whether your goal is to finesse your form at the gym or improve your posture and general fatigue we are confident our team of therapists can help.  Our background is in Yoga and Pilates so our method of training aims to help you feel stronger and live more lightly in your body.

We are currently offering an introductory offer of $86.25 for an initial 1 hour assessment and training session.  Here we will map out your current tension and strength pattern and decide with you the best practice for moving forward.

  • Introductory 1 hour – $86.25
  • Session of 5 – $431.25
  • Session of 10 – $776.25 (10% discount)
  • Session of 15 – $1099.75 (15% discount) 
  • All packages must be paid in full in advance
  • HST included


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