About Vicki

Vicki graduated from Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in 2017. After pursuing a career in Art Therapy (Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, 2008) and Spa Therapy (Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage, 2011), becoming a Registered Massage Therapist made the most sense for her next career move, by tying both professions into a truly wholistic approach to help the clients she works with. A lover of learning and being a practitioner of the self-care arts, Vicki has trained in modalities that include Deep Flow - Level 2 (deepflow.ca), Ashiatsu barefoot massage therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Basic), Hot Stones, Shiatsu (using hands & knees), Reiki- Level 2 (Usui System), Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Joint Release and General Swedish Massage.

Vicki likes to approach each treatment as she would a blank canvas. Being able to choose from a variety of techniques is important because everyone’s body is a true work of art that rarely functions alike and therefore requires a unique and deliberate approach. She uses a gentle, client-centred approach that incorporates her clients’ goals, strengths and current limitations. Together, client and therapist dialogue and work as a team to create an experience where the individual is playing an active part in receiving a treatment that allows for their highest potential for healing. Understanding that we as humans do not necessarily feel the same way in our bodies and minds day to day, has made Vicki sensitive to the consideration of depth of pressure needed during one session versus another, when we may be feeling more tender, agitated or inflamed and therefore require a gentler technique. Where dialogue and communication are central to creating the best treatment for the individual to receive, Vicki also understands the importance of silence and giving a client space to reflect and process the experience to fully integrate the mind-body connection.

Vicki enjoys working with people that are looking for ways to enhance their practice of self-care and to also become aware of how postural strain can be relieved by becoming more aware of how one is holding tension in their body during daily activities. Vicki is skilled in treating people that are experiencing stress, chronic postural strain, sports injuries, tension headaches, low back and hip tension and symptoms of arthritis.