Water Challenge: April 2-30th, 2015
Experience 28 days of pure hydration & health

Join our studio this April in a 28 day water challenge.  They say it takes 21 days to build a habit and we’re taking an extra week just to make sure this habit sticks.  This April, take time to mindfully hydrate & quench your thirst.

Why a water challenge?  As a massage therapist, every day I see the effects of chronic dehydration.  Not drinking enough water can cause slow & sluggish digestion, skin irritations and contribute to muscle and joint tightness.  A known cause of afternoon fatigue is dehydration.

So now you know good water intake can lead to better digestion, clearer skin, less body based pain and clearer thinking – join the water challenge and revitalize your health & well-being.

Here’s how:

First of all – keep it simple!  We suggest 8 glasses (approximately 2 litres) of water a day.  You might need a little more or less depending on your activity level and climate.  Start with a glass of water upon waking in the morning and then proceed with small sips throughout the day.  Feel free to add a lemon wedge, cucumber slice or unsweetened cranberry juice.  Keep a water glass next to your bed, in the kitchen and at work close by – make it easy for yourself to reach for that cup of water.

Stay hydrated!

Jamie & Laura

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