Direct Billing with Sore Spots Massage Therapy

Can I direct bill through the clinic?

Sore Spots direct bills exclusively with Manulife, Sunlife, Blue Cross and Great West Life

In order to direct bill, we need your policy and identification numbers. Please bring your card or have this information readily available.

We are unable to direct bill a secondary plan. If you require a receipt from your primary insurance company to submit to your secondary plan, than please let your massage therapist know at the beginning of your appointment.

Even if you have 100% coverage for massage therapy, there may be a cap to the amount an insurance provider will cover in one session.

Some insurance plans require a doctor’s prescription for massage therapy. If you would like us to direct bill and require a prescription, we will need a copy of your prescription with a legible date and the prescribing doctor’s name. 

Visitors from out of province may not be able to direct bill, but please do bring your insurance information to us and we will process accordingly. Our medical receipts are accepted throughout North America by all extended health or paramedical insurers so you will have no problem sending our receipts to your insurance providers.

Unfortunately, we are not able to answer any questions about your individual coverage as we do not have access to this information. You should inform yourself of the details of your coverage. There is typically a 1-800 number associated with your insurance company or speak with your HR / PR department. KNOW YOUR COVERAGE. Things to inquire about regarding your massage therapy coverage:

  • What is the bulk amount allotted for extended health / paramedical services?

  • Do I have separate coverage for massage therapy or is my allowance lumped into a general paramedical allowance?

  • What is the percent covered for each treatment? Is there a cap?

  • What is my policy renewal date?

For a number of reasons beyond our control, we may not be able to direct bill at the time of your appointment. Please always come prepared to pay in full. In the event that this were to occur you can always, submit the medical receipt provided for direct reimbursement.

What if I don't use Manulife, Blue Cross or Great West Life?

Sore Spots Massage Therapy is covered by most insurance providers. Companies that we do not offer direct billing to will still reimburse you for a percentage of the cost of your massage. This amount varies by provider and you should make sure to confirm the amount with them before arriving for your treatment. 

For all other insurance providers, we will give you a medical receipt that you can use to remit on your own. 

Always check the details of your particular plan as all will vary in coverage types and amounts. We are unable to provide you information about your insurance coverage.

I lost my receipt, can I get a new one?

Yes, absolutely. We will often email our clients receipts post treatment, but if you happen to lose the electronic copy or your paper receipt we can resend or reissue your receipts accordingly. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours to reissue your receipt.