Frequently Asked Questions

Arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment to leave enough time to fill out a short history form so we can narrow down how to help. 

If you arrive late, we honour the original time slot booked. This means that your treatment time will be shorter. The policy ensures fairness to other clients, and that all other appointments in the day run smoothly and on time.

Once you’ve filled out your health history and you and your massage therapist have entered the treatment room, your massage therapist will go over your chart with you to ensure that your intake form is complete and well-understood.

Your therapist may also complete a postural exam, range of motion assessments, and/or special tests and part of your assessment. We provide assessments as part of all our treatments, and they are included within the time slot that you have booked. This is necessary to ensure your health and safety during treatment. Whether your goals are therapeutic or preventative in nature, please always be prepared for an intake assessment.

Before your massage begins, your therapist will let you know that you can undress to whatever your comfort level is, while keeping in mind that working directly on skin offers the greatest therapeutic benefits. Please remove all jewellery before your treatment, and leave valuables at home.

What can I expect during my first appointment?

Can I direct bill through the clinic?

Sore Spots direct bills exclusively with Sunlife, Manulife, Blue Cross and Great West Life

In order to direct bill, we need your policy and identification numbers. Please bring your card or have this information readily available.

For more info read the full Direct Billing Policy here →

Where is the Halifax studio Location?

Your first step is to locate the Delta Halifax Hotel lobby. You must use the Delta Halifax guest elevators within the hotel in order to get to the first floor of the hotel. 

If the door is locked, you can have a seat on the white ottoman in the hallway, just to your right as you are exiting the elevators on the first floor of the Delta Halifax. If it’s your first time visiting us, there will be a clipboard with a health history form that you need to fill out prior to treatment. We do not have an onsite receptionist, so our door is locked while we are treating clients.

What if I'm sick?

Please advise your therapist as soon as possible if you wake up feeling sick on the day of your appointment. Whether you will receive treatment is at the therapist’s discretion. They will advise you and will consider potential cancellations on an individual basis. 

Your appointment time is reserved especially for you. Please be advised that 24 hours’ notice is required to reschedule or cancel any appointments or full charges may apply.

This policy also applies to appointments that are made and cancelled within the same day. Fees related to late cancellations or missed appointments may not be applied to your insurance provider.

What is the Late Cancellation / No Show Policy

Please shut off your cell phone or let your therapist know that you’d like to keep it on during treatment if you are expecting an important message.

For the privacy of your therapist, do not bring your cell phone onto the table with you.

In addition, cell phone alarms/pings/calls are distracting for the therapist and interfere with your treatment time, so we ask that you keep these interactions to a bare minimum.

Can I bring my cell phone with me?

Have more questions? Drop us a line. We absolutely want to hear from you!

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