You better sit down for this...

CHAIR YOGA in our Dartmouth Clinic
pay what you can for the remainder of 2018

in support of the Mental Health Association of Nova Scotia

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year & that's why we are hosting small (limit 5 people per class) by donation chair yoga classes at our Dartmouth clinic until the New Year.  Proceeds will go to the Gottingen Street chapter of the Mental Health Association of Nova Scotia because everybody 'kneads' support this time of year and mental health causes are near and dear to our sore spots heart.  

Here's some more information on Chair Yoga:

We recommend chair yoga for a variety of reasons. It may seem strange to suggest a chair yoga class when ‘sitting is quickly becoming seen as the new smoking’ but there are many advantages to taking a chair yoga class.  First of all, Chair Yoga is accessible and not just for the aging population – but for everybody!

When you go to a standard yoga class you practice all sorts of postures in a standing, seated and lying position and you form a strong relationship with your yoga mat.  Sometimes the principles of yoga can be hard to translate into the real day to day life you live.  Not impossible, but imagine you work at a desk for 8-10 hours a day.  Taking a yoga class that is based in your working posture will help you practice transferring good posture and training techniques to feel better at work.  You are literally training your working posture.  You will feel better at work and at the end of the day, you hopefully have more energy for what you love and those you love. 

So Chair yoga is great for office workers – who else?  If you love yoga but maybe you have balance issues, or are just looking to try yoga at a slower pace and of course, it’s AMAZING for those who suffer with arthritis and mature practitioners.